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Real Choice for Real Lives  

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Interior of Abbots House Independent Living by Pozzoni Architecture for Stoke-on-Trent City Council

Hexagon Partnership wants to see a future where people with a disability have a real choice about where and how they live.

Our specialist housing is tailored to meet an individual’s needs and aspirations. We believe that this lays the foundations for greater independence and security – both of which are key concerns for our residents and their families. Our developments are designed for people with;

  • Learning Disability

  • Physical Disability

  • Autism

  • Sensory Impairment 

As a specialist provider of high-quality supported housing delivered in the right setting, Hexagon Partnership ensures the inclusion of assistive technology from the outset of the design process, creating a unique environment in which individuals develop a freedom and independence that allows them to live their best life.

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Transforming Lives


The NHS Transforming Care programme aims to ensure that more people with learning and/or physical disabilities can live in the community with the right level of support. The availability of high-quality, specialist and appropriate housing is key in making this happen.


Hexagon Partnership brings together an expert and experienced senior management team and the financial strength of gbpartnerships, market leaders in the development, investment and operational management of health and social care facilities.


We have developed a Design Guide describing how inspirational design will support Hexagon’s ambitions to make quality Supported Housing much more readily available across the United Kingdom. This is our ambition but also a significant challenge.



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