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We have developed a Design Guide describing how inspirational design will support Hexagon’s ambitions to make quality Supported Housing much more readily available across the United Kingdom. This is our ambition but also a significant challenge.

Our aims and aspirations are set out through our Core Design Principles, which are articulated further in the Design Guide:

  • Community

  • Identity

  • Sustainability

  • Safety and Security

  • Affordability

This Guide aids those who work with Hexagon Partnership to deliver consistently high standards of accommodation, that the residents truly deserve.

Creating a home which meets residents’ requirements has been at the forefront of the design process. In creating this Design Guide, Hexagon has combined the forces of Pozzoni Architecture, Conisbee, MLM Group, REAL Consulting and grandCARE. 

The team works closely with clients to deliver projects that truly meet the needs of all stakeholders, investing time, resource and energy from the outset for a successful outcome.

Request your copy of the Design Guide

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Throughout the design process, we have challenged ourselves to ensure that the outcome is an environment that is not only fit for purpose but also results in a desirable home, enabling our residents to live a full and aspirational life.

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